If you are confused by the “advice” given by sales people at certain well-known electrical stores, then why not get your own expert?


  • ·         Choosing the right computer at the right price
  • ·         Adding a printer/web cam/wireless router etc
  • ·         How do I make my PC safe for the kids to use?
  • ·         Computer servicing, advice, upgrades, repairs, anti-virus protection (and virus removal).
  • ·         Backing up data, and transferring data to a new PC
  • ·         Why is my PC running slow?

I can also help and advise on email and web sites. Why use an unmemorable hotmail or yahoo address when you can have your family’s personal domain?


  • ·         What flat screen TV should I buy?
  • ·         What is Freeview/Freesat/HD? Which is the best choice for me?
  • ·         Home cinema systems – Blu-ray, audio, streaming etc
  • ·         IPods/iPads – I can give a basic lesson in how to get the most out of your portable device, including using iTunes to manage your music library, converting video to ipod/ipad formats, importing CDs, creating playlists, downloading podcasts and so on.
  • ·         How to choose the best value Broadband service for your family’s needs
  • ·         Mobile phones – ensure you’re on the right contract with the right handset for you – whether you need a smartphone or a standard handset.